Molly Ferguson's cottage 

“People need to live in nature… and this is a way they can.”

-Molly Ferguson







Sustainable Cottage Living

Molly Ferguson has made it her life's work to preserve a sanctuary of natural land, at the same time fostering a close-knit community of ecologically conscious people.

She is now selling the last piece of land: three connected and richly forested properties on Little Glamor Lake in Haliburton, just 2.5 hours north of Toronto, Ontario. The property comprises: a unique stackwood cottage with lake-facing deck (1,500 square feet), 369 acres of managed forest (SmartWood certified), and 5 acres of lakefront property with an infinity dock and panoramic east, south and west views.

The community is founded on sustainable development, and its goals are entrenched in a protective covenant. This ensures a peaceful atmosphere, with no jet skis or intrusive watercraft, an uninterrupted shoreline, and an abundant forest full of wildlife.

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Article Profiles Molly and Her Legacy

"A Custodian of the Land" appeared in The Globe and Mail in August 2007.
David George-Cosh

The Cottage's Green Design

"Bill Grierson Does Green Roof. In 1960." appeared on in August 2007.
Author: Lloyd Alter


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