Molly Ferguson's cottage 

“People need to live in nature… and this is a way they can.”

-Molly Ferguson 

















Benefits of the Protective Covenant

As commercialization of cottage destinations runs ever-rampant, wilderness retreats such as the one treasured by the Little Glamor Lake community are becoming increasingly rare. As a response to the threat of over-development, a deeded covenant was established, to be adhered to by all property owners. Although they may seem restrictive, the clauses stipulated by the legal document are, in actuality, carefully thought-out measures with the sole intention of keeping the serene atmosphere and natural environment of this haven intact.

Below is a chart outlining the clauses of the covenant and the benefits they offer.





Only one detached dwelling

Lots with large lakefrontage or acreage cannot be severed to accommodate another dwelling, which keeps population and building density on land, as well as lake activity (boats, etc.) to a minimum. This protects more trees from being cleared, and ensures the area will not become crowded or cluttered.


No building erected within 35 feet of boundaries

No building within 35 feet of the side lot line ensures privacy, because it creates at least a 70-foot buffer zone of trees between neighbours.

No building within 99 feet of the high water mark of Little Glamor Lake

With buildings and their septic takes set back 99 feet, the lake is protected from septic seepage.


Contribute proportionate share of the reasonable costs of maintaining the private road

Private roads require summer maintenance and winter ploughing, which must be paid for by the cottagers. This clause ensures that the expense is evenly divided to avoid conflicts.


No trade, manufacture, sport, employment or business

This ensures that the land will not lose its sense of community and ecological values to commercialization, as so many other popular cottage destinations have. The wildlife is protected from the ruthless development practices of profiteers.

Maximum of two dogs and two cats

This reduces the amount of animal waste and noise pollution, and protects wild animals from being attacked or pushed from their habitat.


No excavation, except for laying foundations

This secures a safe environment and minimizes messy building sites / construction noise.


No jet watercraft/skis on lake

The 107 cottagers on the lake have agreed by consensus not to bring jet watercraft/skis onto the lake. This maintains the safety and tranquility of the lake, leaving wildlife undisturbed and allowing people to swim, kayak, sailboat, and canoe freely. The loud noise caused by their mechanics is also eliminated: a refreshing departure from most lakefront areas. | 647.883.9735 | SITEMAP